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Method of use

How to assemble your eGo-T
screw battery compartment clockwise into the hole on the atomizer .Gently push the tank cartridge into the atomizer. Forcing cartridge into the atomizer may cause damage . do not force cartridge.

How to use
The eGo-T works only when you press the LED button .Pressing the LED button and inhale.At the same time . release the button after inhaling . when you press the button ,the LED light will turn on . Pressing the button too long may cause overheating and damage the eGo-T. At last ,always charge the battery fully before using to maintain a good battery .

If the atomizer overheats , wait it returns to a normal temperature before using . If the heating element in the atomizer is dry : it will produce a burning taste . Please ensure there is enough liquid in the tank to prevent heating element from drying .